Friday, May 20, 2005

Key West baseball, and more.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Howell on Tuesday. Red invited me to go along on one of the periodic lunches he has with him.

Mark is a writer for Solares Hill, a long-time Key West resident, and apparently English judging from his accent.

The reason I bring this up is to recommend your attention to his front-page column in this week's Solares Hill about the Key West High School baseball team. The team won its last playoff game here in Key West -- in fact, won its last six playoff games -- to advance to the Class 3A State Championship round in Sarasota. They play their semi-final round game on Monday, and follow up in the championship game on Tuesday if they make it there.

Howell is a writer as much as he is a reporter. His piece on Tuesday's game adds much color to the straight reporting in Paul Dehner's article.

It's writing like Mark's that makes me envious. When I spoke with him at noon on Tuesday, he was worrying about what he would write as his contribution to the front page (he also writes the Soundings Column inside the paper). It's obvious that his muse arrived by that evening at the ball field.

Write on, Mark.

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