Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mainland America

We're off the island, out of the Keys, and on the American mainland for the first time in a year, at least by car. Left KW this AM at 5 o'clock, dropped a hen (Queen Latifah) off in Homestead for a randy rooster there, tried to find the farm paradise in Miramar where the KW chickens are supposed to be, without success, and now we're at the Buccaneer Hotel in Deerfield Beach waiting until its time to leave for the 3:00 wedding of our niece Erika.

I said to Janet that I can now remember what it is I dislike about the world outside Cayo Hueso: it's the traffic, the crowdedness, the long distances between point A and point B, and a few other things too.

Thanks to an unknown, clueless wireless user nearby who hasn't firewalled his or her access point, I have two bars of wireless signal that gives me internet access. I thought I might have to hunt for one, so this is a stroke of good fortune.

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