Saturday, May 21, 2005

Music, Music, Music

We went to Schooner Wharf again at about nine o'clock last night, intending to hear the second and perhaps the third set by Moose and the Bulletproof Blues Band. Janet moved to the Green Parrot at 10 o'clock to meet some women who had come into the Chicken Store earlier in the day. I stayed at SWB until almost 11, but disappointingly, Caffeine Carl Wagner had to leave at the beginning of the 10 o'clock set for another gig at The Bull. He was replaced by another lead guitarist, someone I don't know. The part of the earlier set that we did hear, with Carl, Moose, Little Boy, and Richie playing, was high energy and musically satisfying. There was a pretty good crowd in the house. The dance ground in front of the stage was crowded and lively. Little Boy was playing well, but it was apparent that Moose was "schooling" him as he played. "Answer me back", he says at one point, telling LB to respond to a line he is playing/singing. LB understands, and they are quickly in a musical dialogue.

Red told me after the Thursday night gig (Moose didn't make it back in time to join in) that the foursome -- Carl, Little Boy, Richie C. and Joe Pepper -- were already talking about getting together more regularly. It would be a good band. I hope they go for it.

I got to the Parrot at about 11, but the Kelly Richey band was on break, Janet and I were both tired, so we went home without me having a chance to hear the band. Maybe tonight.

It sure is tough living here.

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