Thursday, May 19, 2005

News Update

We've been back in town since Monday afternoon. Brother Tom (he-who-is-responsible-for-us-living-here) and his fiance Jeannie and her son Anthony came in for just a day late Monday afternoon. We took them to the turtle races at Turtle Kralls, went to Mallory Square for Sunset Celebration, showed them around a bit, then went to dinner at Blue Heaven. They were out of town by noon on Tuesday to get back to the airport for their flight back to New England.

Tuesday was catch up day for me, and back-to-work day for Janet. I took the opportunity of having nothing in particular that I had to do, to upgrade the operating system on my iBook to Tiger, the latest version. I'm impressed. The update went flawlessly, all my data and preferences were still in place, and the new features in this version are useful. The iBook seems to be quicker and livelier.

On Tuesday evening, Janet and I went to the City Commission meeting for a recognition ceremony for the City Ambassador class which is holding its final session later on today. We were given our Ambassador shirts, a pin and a certificate granting us all of the powers and privileges of ambassadorship -- whatever they might be.

We've been having rain almost every day so far this week, not a steady rain but thundershowers and showers typical of this place at this time. The rain comes down in torrents for an hour or so, then lets up until another cluster floats in from the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico.

So, today is Thursday and this is my first new post since last Saturday. Sorry about that.

I'll try to blog several times a day for the next couple of days.

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