Monday, May 09, 2005

Real Estate Boom

It isn't just Key West, not just Florida, and not only in the U.S. Costa Rica is experiencing a similar boom, according to this and this from A.M. Costa Rica. I've been paying attention to C.R. and Nicaragua for a few years now. What was appealing about those places was the low cost of living and the laid back "manaƱa" atmospheres. This news doesn't bode well for those two things to remain for long.

We've never seriously considered moving there, or any other place where English isn't the first language. Not from a lack of adventure, but because it's just too damned inconvenient to learn/relearn Spanish. I nearly flunked out of Spanish I in high school, and Janet doesn't speak or understand it at all. I later discovered that I don't have a talent for speaking a foreign language, despite having had daily French lessons from second though fifth grades at a French-Canadian parochial school. I know a few words in quite a few languages, but am not conversational in any of them.

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