Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday Travels

I went to the Coffee Plantation a little early this morning, around 8:30, to get an early start on several thingsI needed to do. After coffee, I went to the Keys Federal Credit Union on Southard St. to deposit Janet's pay into the ATM there. The credit union was our choice for banking here because we got pretty good service from the Northeast Credit Union in New Hampshire. We're disappointed that KFCU doesn't quite measure up to NECU, but not so disappointed that we've changed banks. The major disappointment is that the ATM network costs more to use than we think it ought to. What I mean is that KFCU charges an ATM fee on every debit transaction at local stores. We avoid the charge by making every transaction a credit one rather than use the debit feature, but that means no cash back at stores and having to sign a credit card slip for every transaction. KFCU also doesn't belong to a Credit Union ATM network, so we only get free service at one of their five or six ATM's in the Keys. Any foreign ATM costs us two fees, one from the dispensing bank and another from KFCU. It wasn't like that up north. We like their way better.

Bicycling on, I next went to the Monroe County Library branch on Fleming St. to collect the book I mentioned before, Bubba Justice, (subtitled Pooping on the Public in Paradise). Chatting with the woman on the circulation desk, I found out that, 1) she read the book, 2) enjoyed it, and 3) her husband was involved in one of the Bubba Busts, the one in 1996. I didn't have the audacity to ask her for details. I've now read one chapter. It's going to be a good read. This I know.

Since I was in the right part of town, I biked on down to William St. and stopped in at Schooner Wharf at around 10:30. Michael McCloud was already there, getting set up for his daily gig (every day for that past twelve years except Monday and Tuesday). I joined Capt. Walt, skipper of Top Notch. When he isn't out fishing, he can usually be found in the morning at his "office", the table closest to his boat inside Schooner Wharf. Today he had his new dog, a yellow lab puppy ten weeks old. He's in training to be a Schooner Wharf Bar Dog, even though the health department is hassling Evelena over dogs being allowed in the bar any more. They haven't lowered the hammer yet, but neither has Paul agreed to all of their conditions for granting a new lease. No one seems to really know what's going on, but there is still negotiation between the parties. The lease renewal was pulled from the Commission agenda on March 15* without explanation and hasn't been seen since.

* Postponed to April 5, 2005 ? Unanimous Vote
(a) Approving the lease between the CRA and Key West Seaport, Inc. (Schooner Wharf Bar). (City Manager)

A trip to the Post Office (no mail there), a stop back at the Coffee Plantation for just one more cup of their delicioso 100% Colombian, and back home where I now wait for Janet's imminent arrival, within an hour, for our weekly dinner date at the Deli Restaurant.

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