Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cleaning House

This, in a different context, from here:

It's time for total disentrenchment, a general policy of never voting for any politician presently in office anywhere. They got us into this bloody mess and they pretty clearly refuse to get us out. Therefore we have to get them out and bar them from holding office again.

We do this by pledging publicly to one another never to vote for any incumbent, and to turn that into a mighty political campaign. The slogan "Vote for No Incumbent" should grace every lapel button and automobile bumper until--well, until somebody thinks of a catchier slogan.

The time to start is now.

This is the strategy being promoted by Mick Barnes and Dennis Reeves Cooper for Key West the Newspaper (City Voters May Be In Mood to Clean House; KWTN, June 24, 2005).

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Anonymous said...

Up in New Jersey there is a movement called "G.R.I.P" for

Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians.

It's working very well.

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