Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Code Enforcement

This kind of thing goes on in Key West and the rest of the Keys sometimes. Building codes are complex and strict. Regulation of other kinds, historic preservation for example, or regulations about what kinds of trees may be planted, or whether a particular tree can be cut down.

Code enforcement, on the other hand, is hampered by a shortage of inspectors. A convoluted appeals process from the decisions of plan reviewers can make getting required permits a lengthy ordeal.

So builders and renovators sometimes take shortcuts, doing work that requires permits without them, or pulling permits and doing additional things not covered by the permit. When code enforcement cites someone for a code violation, fines can be imposed, but they are easily mitigated by coming into code compliance.

The Post article is about building in the District of Columbia. I would guess that the same conditions obtain in many other localitites.

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