Friday, June 10, 2005


"City: Condo freeze doesn't apply to Singh project"

KEY WEST -- The moratorium on projects converting hotels to condos does not apply to the Hampton Inn, which developer Pritam Singh plans to re-make as the Parrot Key Resort condominium, the city's Board of Adjustment decided this week.

Singh is building the upscale 159-unit resort at the site of the hotel on North Roosevelt Boulevard. The condos will be sold and the owners will be allowed to rent them to tourists. The condos will have spacious bedrooms, living rooms and balconies and the complex will have a luxury pool, 1-acre botanical garden and walking and bike paths.

The published room rates for the Hampton Inn in early October is $98 - $118 per night. What do you suppose the rate might be at the Parrot Key?


Anonymous said...

in dallas we love it when they tear down an old bldg and put up a new one

Anonymous said...

Get a room

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