Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Here's that Next Post You've Been Waiting For

Sorry, I thought I'd post more yesterday, but I ran out of gas. They days are getting to be consistently hot and humid now. It's not unbearable. It rarely is. I think, though, that the heat does take something out of one. I've been sleeping longer and more soundly of late. I've also been dreaming more vividly. That's the Wellbutrin acting.

Anyhow, the band we went to hear at the Green Parrot on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon is called "The Lee Boys". They are brothers and cousins out of Miami. This was their first gig at the Parrot and my first exposure to their style of music, called Sacred Steel. Sacred, because it comes out of African-American churches traditions of gospel music. Steel, because its principal difference from regular gospel music is in the use of the pedal steel guitar as the main instrument in its performance.

I (and many others in the club) was entranced and enchanted by the music and their performance of it. I've loved the pedal steel guitar for a long time, but I never before heard it used in the way that Roosevelt Collier, the young man who plays it for the Lee Boys, used it this weekend.

Immediately after their afternoon show on Sunday, the band left for New York City where they would open on Monday evening for B.B. King at his club, B.B. King's Blues Club and Grill on W. 42nd St. in Manhattan. This is a band clearly on its way. If you have the chance, if they come anywhere near your neighborhood, be sure to catch them.

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