Saturday, June 25, 2005

Huh! Where did that come from!?

You ever have that experience when you notice something for the first time that's been there to see since you-don't-know-when?

It happened to me this morning when I went to the Coffee Plantation and saw a small display rack of books from Phantom Press. The books for sale are "Ghosts of Key West" and "Haunted Key West/Strange Key West", a two-sided book, one of those "flip it over and read the other one" kind of books. The Coffee Plantation also had another of their books, "Quit Your Job and Move to Key West". Theo tells me that he sells about five of those a week at $9.95 each (the price of all their books, apparently).

These guys, Christopher Shultz and David Sloan, seem to have it going on. In addition to writing and publishing their own work and the work of others, they also run the Original Ghost Tours of Key West, a quite popular tourist attraction here.

It was a great distraction for me. I wound up going to the site of the company that did the web site for Phantom Press, another Key West-based company, Electric Island Web Services, and from there to several of their client-company web sites. All that kept me busy for the better part of two hours and two cups of coffee. Now it's time to go to BayView Park for the Tropical Fruit Festival.

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