Friday, June 17, 2005

Key West Gypsy Chickens

Letter to the Editor, Key West Citizen, June 16, 2005

Key West chickens deserve special status

Last July, I spent two weeks with the gypsies. I can't even begin to express how enamored I have been with the gypsy chickens of Key West, and it was the gypsies that captured my heart and soul.

In the past year, I have spent considerable time, effort and expense making connections to build a network of poultry breeders across the country willing to be a part of an exciting endeavor -- The Gypsy Project.

The mission of The Gypsy Project is to give the Key West chicken American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection status. As part of the project, I formed a club, in its infancy, called the Key West Chicken Club. You can get details on the Web at ...

Our organization would like to offer chicken supporters ease of mind in knowing that captured birds will never become "dog chow" and at the same time, give legitimacy to the breed. ...

Few islanders recognize that these crafty creatures have melded in the last 150 years to actually create, on their very own, a bird of type and characteristic. A breed of their own. With the help of breeder and selective breeding, this chicken will become a thing of beauty and desire, just like any other purebred American Poultry Association breed. Think about it. An American breed bearing the name of the tiny island it came from.

The Gypsy Project has already established single-comb black-breasted reds, blacks and mottleds (white factored) exist and rose-comb black-breasted reds, blacks and mottleds exist. The chickens did this on their own. The Gypsy Project has been given a unique start.

I'd like to publicly ask the people of the Conch Republic to come together united in this project. Whether friend of gypsy or foe, this is surely a solution for all. Happy gypsies. Happy gypsy supporters. Happy gypsy foes.

Please consider giving The Gypsy Project your poor, huddled, captured masses so that we can give them liberty, dignity, good homes, legitimacy and APA status. Talk to your officials and let them know there is another alternative to "captured dog chow." And thanks in advance for your efforts.

Annie San Martin

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