Monday, June 06, 2005

Live Free or Die

Many of you know that we moved here from New Hampshire, the place where we "come from", even though that isn't literally correct since we were both born and grew up in nearby Massachusetts. When we moved back there in 2002, there was a movement being born called The Free State Project.

Hang on. There's a Key West Connection coming later on in this post.

What reminds me of the Free State Project (FSP) is an article I read this morning at the Concord Monitor website from this Sunday's paper.

I "joined" the Free State Project in 2002, back when we thought we'd be staying in New Hampshire after our first sojourn here. Joining meant making a revocable commitment to move to the selected state (New Hampshire was one of eleven states being considered) within five years. The goal was to have 5,000 members enrolled before going forward with the project. That goal was reached in August 2003. By October, on-line balloting of the membership resulted in the selection of New Hampshire as the state most likely to attract the organization's long-term objective of getting 20,000 members in the state and having a real influence on elections -- local and state -- and thus on the ethos of both.

The FSP is not officially affiliated with any political party, but the majority of its members appear to be members of or proponents of libertarian-leaning parties, especially the Libertarian (large L) Party.

So how does this relate to Key West? Sometimes I think of what Key West might be like if it were governed under those principles. That's a topic much too deep and long for this posting. I'll try to return to it. Long live the Conch Republic.

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