Friday, June 03, 2005

The Mephisto Bicycle

The Mephisto Bicycle
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My bicycle was stolen on Wednesday night or Thursday morning from the bike rack on Thomas St., where I had put it at about five o'clock Wednesday afternoon. I thought that it would always be safe because of its uniqueness, the highly identifiable paint job done by Captain Outrageous in 1999. I've been leaving it at the rack since we came back a year ago, had done so when we lived here before, and no one ever messed with it before this.

We bought the bicycle at the annual police auction in 1999, paid over $100 for it (it was a 15-speed), put another $100 into accessories, then paid Captain Outrageous another $125 to have it painted. We took it back to NH in 2002, then back here in 2004. I've been using it regularly again since we got back.

I'm hopeful (but doubtful) that it's still in town somewhere and that, like Diane's bike, it will be located and recovered. My guess, though, is that whoever took it wanted it because it is unique and took it with them to the mainland. I just hope that they don't paint it over and make it an ordinary bicycle again.

So, if you should see the bike in the picture, I'd appreciate a call or an e-mail. The phone number is (305) 942-6849.
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