Monday, June 06, 2005

More bicycle woes

We're at the Coffee Plantation this morning having a conversation with Theo and Diane about bike thievery and crime in Bahama Village and Key West generally. Janet is upset, much more than I am, about the loss of my bike.

There's nothing new on my bike. I'm afraid that it's gone for good. I've put the word out among my friends and neighbors. I talked to the two bicycle cops who patrol the Village and asked them to keep an eye out for it.

Captain Rick loaned me one of his bikes. I rode it yesterday to the Green Parrot. When I got home at around 3 PM, I parked it at the bike rack and went inside. Later, around 7 o'clock, Captain Rick called our cell phone. "Have you seen the bicycle?", he asked. "Oh, oh! Is it gone? Wait, I'm coming right out." The bike was laying on its side. The seat was on the ground next to it (I thought). We tried to put the seat back in, but it didn't seem to fit. We figured out what happened was that someone exchanged their broken seat for a better one. In broad daylight, the middle of the day.

Curses. What am I going to do now?

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