Monday, June 27, 2005

My New Bicycle

My New Bicycle
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I bought a new bicycle today. Not that that's remarkable, but it's a decision that I've been struggling with, ever since my Captain Outrageous bicycle was stolen from the rack on Thomas Street, three or so weeks ago.

I went and looked at it at K-Mart last week. It was on sale at $69.95, certainly not a bad price, but I wasn't ready yet to commit. It comes without fenders, which means that riding in the rain is guaranteed to put a racing stripe down your back. There's no basket, and it's built in such a way that adding a basket is clumsy. And, of course, you don't just buy a bike; there's the basket, the lights, front and rear, a lock. It doesn't take long to get to a hundred bucks when accessorizing a new bike.

I went out to K-Mart again on Saturday to have another look at the model I was interested in. While there, I picked up the newest sales flier and discovered that the same model would go on sale Sunday for $49. Now that's a price that's hard to pass up for a brand new bicycle with multiple speeds, hand brakes, and a kick-stand.

So I went back today with Janet and bought one of the last two such bikes left (there were more than a dozen left on Saturday). It's at home now, on the patio, where it will henceforth be stored. No more will I use the bike rack on Thomas St. I'm sad to have to say that. It was always much more convenient to leave the bike outside than to carry it in past Janet's tricycle and find a place to put it. We're going to put some brackets up on the patio fence and I'll hang it up there at night.

Since our daughter Susan sent me $50 for Fathers' Day, I have to thank her for my new bike. Thanks, Sue.

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