Sunday, June 19, 2005

Red Rover Leads the Parade

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Katha Sheehan, the Key West Chicken Lady, wrote the following e-mail after the Poultry in Motion Chickenfest parade last night.

My bird Red Rover headed the ChickenFest parade yesterday, free-standing on the hood of Roy's truck with the motorcyle police clearing the streets for him, with sirens and lights, and broadcasting his message, "Choose Freedom."

A handsome rooster came out to meet him at St. Mary's, trash-talking at him, so Red got down off the car and thrashed him (just a little bit) while the cops held the parade. The Catholic cock was a beautiful grey-breasted red bird. At one point he popped straight up into the air and I caught him in my arms. I thought about taking him with me, but decided he should stay and defend the Grotto, so I let him go. It was great fun!

People in the bars were toasting Red Ro, and children were clapping and cheering. I was so proud! This was truly the culmination of our six year's journey together.

It just goes to show that in America (still!), even a humble chicken, if he is passionate enough, can see his dreams come true.

Originally, I was boycotting ChickenFest because, I said, "I can't dance in the streets while chickens are being deported to an unknown fate, and City Hall ignores our request for information about their whereabouts."

But the ChickenFest organizers finally sent me The Godmother (Judi Bradford) to make me an offer I couldn't refuse: I could HEAD the ChickenFest parade, with my protest!

Doing this enabled us to pass out fliers with information, and petitions, which otherwise would not have reached hundreds of people.

Here are a couple of pictures of Red Rover's moment of triumphal homecoming. Thank you everyone who supported us and made this possible!


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