Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tribute Songs (Update II)

Daughter Susan offers: "I think George Harrison wrote "All Those Years Ago" about John Lennon", and there was a song (by the Commodores, ed.) called "NightShift" about Marvin Gaye. ("Gonna be some sweet sounds, coming down, on the night shift")." Hey Sue, ya think it might have been about Jackie Wilson, too?

Jackie (Jackie), hey what'you doing now
It seems like yesterday
When we were working out.
Jackie (Jackie, oh) you set
The world on fire.

We have musical children.

Daughter Betty reminds me about Elton John's Candle in the Wind.

And reader Maria points me to Def Leppard's Photograph.

Both about Marilyn. Yes, of course, Monroe!

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Anonymous said...

Candle in the Wind really brings back the memories. I remember buying "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" my junior year in high school. I loved that album. I just rebought the CD a few months ago, still great stuff.

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