Friday, June 17, 2005

What Does It Take To Get Great Government, Anyway?!

Mick Barnes, the attorney who represented John Murphy in his successful suit against the City of Key West resulting in a $13.5 million judgement, writes a magnificent column in today's Blue Paper, Key West the Newspaper, the paper City officials love to hate.

I've asked for permission to reprint the column here and am waiting to hear back from Mick. Here, under the doctrine of fair use, are a few quotes:

Title: What Does It Take To Get Good GREAT Government, Anyway?!

"So what does it take to get GREAT government, anyway? First and most importantly, STOP ACCEPTING BAD GOVERNMENT!!!"

"Before I go too far and too fast, I should slow down. I should get a psychiatrist. Anyone interested in money would tell me to sit down, shut up, let the City continue to screw up, while I continue to sue them. That way, we could each keep doing what we do best."

"It's past time for a complete political house cleaning."

"... repeat after me. 'Yer outta there! Enough is enough! Take a hike! Slip out the back, Jack! Bye! Don't call me, I'll call you! You're done! You're toast! Beat it! Don't let the door hit you on the way out! The endomorphic soprano is singing!"

"Here's the roadmap. Be a candidate. Support a candidate. Contribute to a candidate. Vote. Vote for the most honest. Vote for the best qualified. Vote against the last minute lie and the 11th hour slander. Fight for GREAT GOVERNMENT -- at the ballot box where it counts."

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