Friday, October 21, 2005

11 PM Update

The forecast track for Wilma is unchanged in the 11 PM update from NOAA/NHC, but the timing of her arrival near Key West has moved to Sunday night/Monday morning.

We enjoyed a meal at the Marquesa restaurant with Kurt and Eric and Theo, good company, good conversation and OK food. Got in around 11:30 PM, but we can sleep late tomorrow if we choose to do so.


Stan said...

what happened to RUMOURS resteraunt in bahama village? I fell in love with the place when i lived in key west in 2003. but havent found any references to the place in over a year...Stan and Chris were the best ever!

Robert Kelly said...

Rumours went through a couple of incarnations. Currently it's Santiago's Bodega, and they are just barely hanging on, probably won't survive this season with the scale back (or cancellation?) of Fantasy Fest.

Didn't know Stan and Chris, unfortunately.

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