Sunday, October 23, 2005

Climatology 101

My Mama didn't raise no climatologist, but I'm beginning to "get" it by watching all the activity about Wilma taking place on TV and on the internet. The NOAA web sites are the most balanced, presenting facts upon which forecasters make their predictions, and the forecasts themselves, signed by the individual who actually produces it. NOAA avoids the sensationalism and fear-mongering that all of the TV outlets bring to the process of citizen notification.

We watched a reporter from Channel 10 in Miami this morning babble about how the lack of activity on Duval Street at 9 AM was a sign that residents must be evacuating, because Duval Street is normally busier on a normal Sunday morning. Hogwash!

Key West is slow to waken on any Sunday morning. If a cruise ship happens to be in, it might be a little busier than usual, but ships don't often visit on Sundays before noon time. Besides, the bars are closed until noon on Sunday, or at least not able to sell alcohol in any form. Schooner Wharf is open, for example, but all you can get is coffee until 12. Any other day, it's "if it ain't beer, it ain't breakfast".

How must it be to embarrass one's self on television before thousands of people who know that you don't know what you're talking about. Talk about public humiliation.

Cameras followed us up Duval Street yesterday for about three blocks as we moved from Margaritaville to Mangoes. We sang the Evacuation* song for the cameras in front of the Express store. Gina and Porsche Maseratti were interviewed at length at their home a couple of days ago. Yesterday, both dressed in brief, pink outfits that were simultaneously daring and proper. They were particular targets for the press, getting stopped for interviews several times during our procession up Duval.

Trying today to get some photos posted to Flickr, along with some from the previous day. I've taken dozens of pictures over the past week and haven't been able to sort through them very much yet.

* Evacuate, evacuate, it ain't time to procrastinate!
Evacuate, evacuate, Wilma's comin' for dinner even though she may be late.
Evacuate, evacuate, get off your boat, it's not time to cut your bait,
Evacuate, evacuate, Wilma's a-blowing and she seem's irate.

(Hey, I didn't write it, don't blame me.)

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