Saturday, October 22, 2005

Duval Crawl

Our plans are shaping up for the day. We may join this bar crawl beginning at 3 PM today.

Some Key West business owners, tired of losing money and waiting for bad weather, have created their own entertainment and are planning an "old-fashioned pub crawl" on Duval Street beginning Saturday afternoon at the Hog's Breath saloon and ending, eventually, at Atlantic Shores Resort.

Mangoes owner Amy Culver-Aversa concocted the idea with Hog's Breath general manager Charlie Bauer and Jim Gilleran, owner of the 801 Bar.

"It's not a fundraiser," Culver-Aversa said. "Everyone orders what they want, pays for their drinks and tips their bartenders. We're just going to make our way up Duval Street all afternoon stopping anywhere that's open."

And the corner of Fleming and Duval streets, with its unending stream of television media, could become a stop on the crawl, Culver-Aversa said.

"There's nothing else to do," she said.

Boys and girls just want to have fun.

UPDATE: Costumes are optional.

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