Saturday, October 29, 2005


Citizen's Voice of the Day

"I'm a fisherman from Upper Sugarloaf who lost everything. I was in a cottage where I had to put on life jackets and me and the wife had to swim out -- actually. We finally got in to Key West yesterday and I tried to get a hotel room but none of the rooms were available to any locals because FEMA has taken all the rooms. I went down to Simonton Street and called them hypocrites and told them they learned nothing from New Orleans. They told me to sleep at the school on a cot, and I checked, and they reserved the last 19 rooms at The Marriott. They're getting room service on my bill -- the taxpayers' money."

As some said to me today, "what ever happened to the National Guard coming in and setting up tents to stay in?".

FEMA: Federal Employees Missing in Action?

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