Friday, October 07, 2005


We went to see Grease last night at the high school auditorium and had a great time. It's a production by Keys Kids with major sponsorship and assistance from the Key West Symphony Orchestra.

The high school auditorium is spacious, a thousand or so seats, but rather barren when compared to the now-closed Tennessee Williams Theater at Florida Keys Community College. The only thing that detracted from the production was some spotty sound work from the control board, and what seemed to be malfunctions of the plethora of wireless microphones in use.

The leads played their parts almost without flaw. There are some very good voices in the company, and they all hit their songs -- solos and choruses -- in the proper style and much gusto when called for. The choreography was good too, supplemented by the many extras parts incorporated into the cast. There are 55 dancers and chorus listed in the program, plus the 17 named parts.

The auditorium was very nearly sold out and at just after 7 o'clock the doors were opened as a crowd extending out the doors of the smallish lobby and onto the staircase outside. Seats were $15 on the two sides and $25 in the center. We chose the side seats and wound up about six rows back on the right side with a very good view of the stage.

These kinds of events demonstrate that there is a Key West, what I call The real Key West, beyond the Mallory Docks, the Key West Bight, and Duval Street. It's where real people live and go to work and send their kids to school.

I hope that the new City Commission will see that this Key West never goes away. At least for us, it's why we're here. And, yeah, it doesn't snow. That too.

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