Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hump Day

It's Wednesday, "hump day" for many of you working stiffs. I'm here at the Coffee Plantation, drinking my second cup of coffee, listening to a John Prine interview, during which he sings "the greatest country & Western song ever written", You Never Even Call Me By My Name.

There are no cruise ships today, but there are a few visitors around and about. Wednesday's are typically the day that day-sailers from Fort Myers and Marco Island come in on the Key West Express, although more people use it in the winter than now.

I'm talking to Captain "PM" Rick, who remembers there was supposed to be a Miami to Mexico car ferry in the early 70's. Apart from that and the Fort Myers ferries, though, he knows of no others since the ferry to Cuba last ran from 1955 to 1959.

George and Susan have arrived back in town from Pennsylvania. They sold their home there, and will now divide their time between here and a summer home in New Jersey.

It's still kind of warm, but each day seems to bring breezes that are a bit cooler.

We were at a Gina for Queena event at Manoges last night, have another at LaTeDa tonight, one at Island City House tomorrow night, and another at Buck's Bottle Cap on Friday. Coronation is a week from Friday. We're coming down to the wire. Everyone is tired, looking forward to the wrap-up next week.

Now it's time to go shopping on the boulevard.

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