Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Parrotheads Are Coming

The Parrotheads are holding their Meeting of the Minds on the upcoming weekend, from Thursday through Sunday. Here's a link to their latest information.

They lost their venue when the Casa Marina went under water. MOTM has moved to the Reach Resort at the foot of SImonton Street, a smaller venue with fewer rooms. Guest rooms at the Casa are still bookable, so some will stay there, others at the Reach, and an overflow at Atlantic Shores, close by the Reach.

There'll be Parrotheads in various places around town, notably at the street fair on Friday, but also at Hog's Breath, Conch Republic, Schooner Wharf and Blue Heaven on various nights. I hate to repeat this, because they're a pretty nice bunch, but the Parrotheads have a reputation, deservedly or not, of being, shall we say, parsimonious. That is, waiters and bartenders consider them to be less than generous tippers.

Anyway, they're the first group of any size to come to town since Wilma, and Key West will welcome them with its traditional hospitality, hoping to separate them from some of their money -- with a smile, of course.

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