Saturday, October 08, 2005

Point and Counterpoint

Citizen's Voice of the Day

POINT: "In regards to the person who is wondering about the clean-up of Fantasy Fest. It was conceived by a group of guesthouse and business owners back in approximately 1977 in an attempt to build tourism in October, which was a totally dead month. It was not planned as a family affair or it would not have been successful. Take your kids to Disney World or keep them at home during the course of the parade."

COUNTERPOINT: "It's not [one] person that wants to clean up Fantasy Fest, it's the people of Key West. I'd say about 75 percent. If you want nudity, go to a nudist colony up in Homestead or there's also South Beach. We don't want nudity on our streets anymore; we're over it. Nudity or children, take your choice. I pick children."

This is a Real Key West Issue that's not going to be settled without a lot of anger and recrimination. It will be decided by the same people who just turned out two Commissioners who strongly supported business as usual, the same voters who elected four new Commission members. If Rossi goes in November, it's a whole new ball game.

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