Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pretty as a Picture

There's a certain wild beauty to the infrared satellite images of Wilma at the NOAA web site. Notice the feathering at the top of this snapshot taken from the NOAA web site today. It's one of a series of images from a loop taken between 9:45 this morning until 1:15 this afternoon. Notice also the formation of tropical storm Alpha to the east, now over the island of Hispaniola.

The speed of Wilma is now up to twelve miles and hour and is expected to increase further throughout the day. The sun was shining a few minutes ago, and the breeze is stiffening. A few minutes ago, with the sun still showing, I felt a few raindrops. Now the sun is gone.

The patio is cleaned up and everything movable put away where it ought to be safe from the wind. Janet put all the plants together in the corner by the gate, while our bikes, tools, chairs and table are stacked at the other end.

I went to John and David's this morning, fed the turtle and goldfish in the pond, and made sure that everything there was OK.

I'm going to download the rest of photos from the camera and see what I want to put on Flickr. Check there in an hour or two.

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