Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Morning Coming Down

It's almost noon. The sun is out, there's a gentle breeze. Theo is putting plywood over the windows in preparation for an early closing today. George and Susan are here, Tony, Don, Janet and I, and Theo and Diane.

The tourists are pretty much gone now. Some of the residents are too. It's surprising to me that there are so many Conchs in Bahama Village who are staying, sitting on their porches, appearing to be very calm about it all. They've seen this kind of thing many times. The houses they live in have survived many a hurricane. Our own house has been its location since the early 1900's, maybe even longer. We can go higher in the house if we need to, although I'm not expecting to have to do that.

After we got home from the pub crawl yesterday, we settled in, anticipating that we'd spend the night in, have our traditional Saturday baked beans and hot dogs, maybe watch a movie. Instead, we got a phone call form Red letting us know that Blue Heaven was throwing a hurricane party for locals, live reggae music by Larry, free food, and a cash bar. We got there just after seven, and stayed a couple of hours. Ricky and Sue Ann put out a great spread. Beginning with salad and jerked chicken, garlic bread, their signature carrot-curry soup, and black beans. We figured, nice meal. Then they brought out pieces of sirloin sauteed in a tasty gravy, and potatoes. Wow, we thought, should have saved some room for the second course. The sirloin was fork-tender and delicious. WHOA!, next came the lobster course, bite sized pieces of lobster meat in creamy sauce. I was a little slow and only got one piece. It was delicious. Enough? No, then they wheeled out the Key Lime pie and banana bread. Every one is groaning by this time.

We went home completely sated and slept well until about 8:30 this morning. After we leave here, we'll go home and start putting things away on the patio, and hunker down until the storm passes.

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