Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wilma Chronicles

It's Thursday morning. I'm going to switch into chronicle mode for the next little bit, writing shorter but more frequent postings about living with hurricanes.

The town is shutting down. Tourists have been ordered out. Most have gone or a going. we saw a lot of arriving airline company flights yesterday. The Coffee Plantation regulars agree that they must be to take people away. (Are arriving passengers even being allowed to fly in?)

The citizen evacuation has been put off until tomorrow noon, as Wilma slows down, wobbles all over the Yucatan coast. The NHC track still has her passing us to the northwest at a short distance, maybe 50-60 miles. The cone of uncertainty is wide enough to put Key West under the eye if the track holds true. But we're still days away, and Wilma is showing that she's fickle. She danced in the western Gulf for almost a day, doing do-si-dos before moving on. The slowdown further imperils Fantasy Fest week, already cut from 10 days to 6. Meanwhile, the seven day forecast from NOAA looks positively benign. It says, "good weather on the way".

I drove around yesterday. There are some shutter up already. I'm sure that those who have them are planning on using them. John is leaving today to visit his parents in Michigan. David plans to drive to the mainland and stay with friends there. We're poised to decide once we figure out what the forecasts are to some certainty. Everyone is hurricane-shy this year, and rightly so.

Janet has the next two days off. Katha decided to not open the retail store until Wilma is over and tourists return. There might be a cruise ship in town today, though I haven't checked to see. I'm off to the Coffee Plantation as soon as I finish this post and take a shower. I'll find out more about what's going on there.

(stand by ......)

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jipzeecab said...

The latest computer modeling (10-20..2:00 PM) has one of the five "models" going directly over KW or to the Southeast with winds somewhere between 90 and 100 miles an hour.
A second model predicts the same track the hurricane center has been showing for two days (50 miles to the SW)but then meets the KW model in the Everglades. Another beelines thru Port Charlotte and over Lake Ochochobee,another disappears in Cuba, the fifth disappears in the Yucatan(yeah).

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