Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wilma Chronicles

Now at the Plantation. Theo is in the house as barrista. George & Susan are here, houseboat Ric, Kurt and Joe Forte, recently back in town from Canada. Joe is an artist. He draws and paints outside of Blue Heaven, and in other places around town. His stuff is good. We wanted to get a larger work of his, but couldn't afford it. He's that good. He's back from Canada where he spent the summer with his grandkids.

Kurt's a 6th grade science teacher. I've talked about houseboat Ric before. George and Susan are retired and live here in the winter, New Jersey in the summer.

Now Diane is behind the counter. Theo went off to do something else.

We're definitely in stall mode now. The TV crews of doom are settling into place on Duval Street, ready to report on virtually anything that moves. As far as we know, Geraldo hasn't arrived yet. When he does, we can all breathe easier because hurricanes don't land while he's here.

We continue to experience the bands of Wilma. It rained pretty heavily for an hour last night. Now it's clouding over again.

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