Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bzzzt - Computer Error

I actually wrote a quite long post yesterday, all about breakfast at Blue Heaven, traffic plans, bicycles, Key West arts and more. Then I began to have problems getting a connection to the internet and in working through that I managed to lose the entire post, photos and all. (That's them above.)

As an aside, I used Comcast's live chat support system to report was was happening, to see if they might help. It's a little slow, but it works like a charm. After a short wait "Matthew" came on line and asked me what was happening. I gave him a brief explanation. "I can help you with that", he says. And he goes on to do just that. "I can see that your modem signal is weak. Turn your cable modem off for 60 seconds. If that doesn't do it, we'll have to schedule a service call." That did it. Everything back to normal, a fast connection again. That's good support. I wonder where in the world "Matthew" was working.

Here's the log of our conversation:

chat id :
Problem : Connection/Other

Matthew > Thank you for contacting Comcast High Speed Internet customer support, my name is Matt. How may I assist you today with your connection issue?
Robert > Hi, Matt My internet connection is either dropping out or slowing way down intermittently. This began happening about two weeks ago.
Matthew > I can help you with that. Is this Robert I am chatting with?
Robert > Yes, it is. I'm using a Macintosh. I'm in Key West, FL
Matthew > One moment while I pull up your account
Matthew > Can I get the MAC address listed on the back of the cablemodem?
Robert >
Matthew > thanks, I see the modem has a weak signal being reported, has it been powercycled by unplugging it for 60 seconds recently?
Robert > Not for 60 seconds. I have powercycled it several times, but only for a few seconds each time.
Matthew > OK, try it for a full minute or two, if that doesnt help we will need to get a technician out there to see what can be done
Robert > Will you still be online here once I do that?
Matthew > probably not, we will lose the conenction
Robert > So how does the technician know it needs to be looked at? Do I place a call for service?
Matthew > you can schedule that with us if the powercycle does not correct the speed issue
Robert > OK, thanks. I'll try it now.
Matthew > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

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