Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Disaster Cleanup

Once again, yesterday, I began a post that got out of control, became longer and longer, to the point that I decided to NOT post it. I've saved it as a draft and may clean it up later and post it. It was about entitlement and the abuse of privileges by those who are employed by taxpayers to provide a variety of necessary services.

I got to the Coffee Plantation early this morning, then wound up talking rather than writing. We watched Grubbs Emergenncy Services clean up the large and ever-growing pile of tree limbs and clippings across Whitehead St. from the coffee shop. I'm at home now after doing several errands on Roosevelt Boulevard. Grubbs work is impressive to watch. They drive up in two or three vehicles, jump out and direct traffic around the work site, then lift and dump an amazing amount of trash in just a few minutes, then move on.

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