Monday, November 21, 2005

KW Citizen Editorial on Commission Meeting

The Citizen comments editorially in the today's paper about last Tuesday's packed Commission Meeting and the discussion of Fantasy Fest dates.

The editorial (properly, I think) scolds those who were rude in their support of the business-chosen dates for the rescheduling of Fantasy Fest to December 7 - 12. It takes to task the business owners who met in secret to reschedule the event and announced the new dates before getting them approved. It calls out some Commissioners for apparently violating the Sunshine Law by meeting collectively with the business owners outside of a regular, advertised meeting.

I wrote about some of this in my post last Wednesday, and linked to the Citizen's article that day.

I should add that the matter of Commissioners attending that secret meeting was part of the discussion last Tuesday, but they were said to have left the meeting before the discussion of dates took place. Mayor McPherson strongly denied a statement made by one inn owner that the three Commissioners reportedly at the meeting said the dates were OK. McPherson said that he begged the business owners to avoid December in their discussion of alternate dates. Later, the hotel executive who scheduled the meeting stood to affirm that the three Commissioners left the meeting before any dates were discussed. Maybe that exculpates them from a Sunshine violation.

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