Friday, November 25, 2005

Lucky Dog!

We enjoyed a very pleasant Thanksgiving yesterday, and hope that you all did also.

As we were heading around the corner to begin our celebration in the afternoon, we encountered this iguana sunning himself on our new sidewalk. His body was about a foot long, the tail almost twice that. Some kids from the neighborhood came by to see if they might catch him. We called those inside at David & John's to come see, but he scampered off across Truman Ave. as soon as the kids came running. This morning, Janet wanted me to check under the beds and couches to make sure that he hadn't crept into our place during the night.

Yesterday was David's birthday, his 55th. His mother Frances and Shirley, a friend of hers, who David calls his second mother were visiting from New York, and our neighbors, the Washburns also came for dinner. We pretty much demolished the turkey as you can see here. Everything was great, the scalloped oysters, three different kinds of cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, traditional bread stuffing, candied yams, yadda, yadda, yadda.

On a recent visit with his family in Michigan, John was chosen by this little fella to be adopted by. David & John had a beautiful, gentle greyhound who lived with them for 11 years. "Lucy" died last year after a brief illness. I helped David to bring her to the vet the day she was euthanized. Lucy was unable to stand any more and she wasn't eating. The vets said that she would continue to suffer and David, whose dog she was, decided to take the compassionate way.

John was somewhere where this puppy was with his litter-mates. This guy came over to him, sat down, and stayed right there. John couldn't resist. Now Scout lives in the Florida Keys while his bothers and sisters have to cope with Michigan winters. Lucky dog!

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