Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mid-week Report

Wednesday, 11/2

Wow! It's already November. Today is another of those beautiful days, the endless succession of which we pray for. Night before last, Monday night into Tuesday morning, we had torrential downpours that re-flooded some of the areas that were just drying out from Wilma. Wilma-weakened roofs gave way to the downpour. Where Janet has her hair done, Hot Cuts on Flagler Avenue, lost its entire shop when the roof came crashing in. Sandy & Ri's house on Rose Street was flooded again. They are going to move out of it and leave it to the owner to worry about.

The cleanup around town continues, even as authorities try to cope with the new flooding. These pictures show the end of Terry Lane, at Petronia Street. The pile was cleared from Terry Lane on Monday morning and dumped here by Grubbs Emergency Services workers and blocked the street for two full days before it was removed this morning. Duval Street is mostly clear of debris now. The City's street sweepers are in operation. Electricity is mostly back, although there are still isolated parts of town where service is either out, or spotty. Traffic lights are mostly on blinking, except for the busiest intersections.

Phlocks of Parrotheads began arriving early this week. They get into full swing today and will be here, some of them, through Sunday. There's a rumor that Buffet himself will be coming in. (There's always a rumor that Buffet will be here. It's part of the game.) Last year he did a private show at the Casa Marina for PH's only. A few years back, 2001 I think it was, he showed up at the corner of Fleming and Duval, by Fast Buck Freddie's, and did a show with the Coral Reefers.

More later.

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