Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Slightly Different Saturday

We're off in a few minutes on bicycles to have breakfast at Turtle Kraals with Suzanne and "Wishbone", neighbors who have been very kind to us for no reason other than to be kind.

Wishbone has a thing for fixing up bicycles that he finds here and there, abandoned and broken. It was Wish who tricked out my last bicycle with the saddlebag baskets, a fat-ass seat to replace the skinny little one that came on the bike. Now I'm riding a loaner from him, and he's fixing me up a "new" one that was given to him by its absent owner following the hurricane. The bike was stolen last December when its owner was visiting. It just recently showed up on Thomas Street, apparently abandoned there.

Turtle Kraals has been serving breakfast for a while now, a fact we discovered when we were going to the Turtle Races there a while back. This'll be our first time there for breakfast.

When I think about the bars and restaurants here that we like, I realize how long it would take to try every place in town -- and by the time you finish, they'd mostly have changed somehow, so it would be necessary to go back, again and again. It'd be a tough job, but I suppose that someone must do it.

We ate at Finnegan's last night, the first time I've been there since we arrived back here in May of last year. We both ordered the Bangers & Mash, quite delicious,and enough left over for another meal tonight. I, of course, drank a pint of Guinness, for old time's sake.

Janet's working today, not usual for Saturday but Katha asked her to come in because Jesse wasn't going to be. For me, it's another day of cleaning things up, putting things away, with a visit to the Coffee Plantation during mid-day.

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