Monday, November 07, 2005

Stress Level - Elevated

I'm just back from Island Bicycles where I dropped off Janet's tricycle. She's getting three new wheels and tires put on, and a new rear basket to replace the one broken by the drunk during the Masquerade March last week. Aaron has the gate closed and is only accepting new work from his customers. He says he has over 100 bicycles in for some kind of work, so he's stressed over that, and he lost his home, possessions and vehicles in the Wilma surge. I tried being reasonable with him, but I fear that I didn't really get past the stress. I wanted him to let me bring the trike in when he is ready to work on it, and to not have it wind up sitting there for days until he could get around to it. He took umbrage, said he couldn't stand to pressured for a promise of fast service. He told me that we'd have to be patient with him.

Some people say that I invented patient. I try to be both understanding and patient in all things. I don't think I was being unreasonable, but I agreed to leave the trike and wait for him to call and say it's ready rather than get a specific promise of completion.

On the way back home -- walking -- I stopped in at CVS. There were three long lines at the registers, so I didn't stay. The CVS cashiers are a mixed lot, but most of them are not what you might call paragons of customer service. I haven't been back often enough since Wilma to observe whether service is any worse, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't gotten better.

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