Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Superboat Races

The World Superboat Championship races were in town last week. The race village was set up on the Truman Waterfront Park property, and a race village it was. The boats, their attending semis loaded with all the equipment needed, huge RVs for owners and crews, and a plethora of sponsor tents, food booths and other service providers occupied a large portion of the 33-acre lot.

I was out there today to visit the Port Operations office. The park is just about as clean as a whistle. All trash is gone and there are few signs at all of any recent activity. The last couple of tents were being taken down as I drove in. Guards are gone and the gates are open again. Whoever had responsibility for the clean-up did a fine job.

The park is now a venue for several major events during the year. In addition to the Superboats, the park is currently 'home' to the yacht races in January, Taste of Key West, and some smaller events. Whether or not the Park continues to be used for such events remains to be seen. On one hand, it's a great location for them, especially the boating-related events, right on the waterfront. On the other hand, such events close off access to citizens wanting to use the park. Right now, that's of no consequence, since there isn't a real park there yet. In the future, when the park is built out, it might have consequences as yet unforeseen.

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