Monday, November 07, 2005

Transient Rentals - MORE!

This letter was delivered to the Mayor and Commissioners by its writer this morning. I have permission to post it here. REMINDER: The transient rental agreement is on the Commission agenda for Wednesday.

Key West, Fl 33040

November 5, 2005

TO: Mayor and City of Key West Commission

Re.: Transient Rentals Settlement

Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

I purchased my condo at the Shipyard Condominium Association 2 years ago, under the explicit understanding that the City Law allows a minimum of 28 days rentals of our units.

Much to my dismay I find that I am now living in a motel-like atmosphere, with coming and going renters who candidly rent for a day or a weekend, and only a few who rent by month or year.

Needless to say that the day-renter is not informed about condominium laws such as: scoop up after your pets, no loud partying past a decent hour, no music enough to embrace all adjacent condos, garbage disposal in dumpsters rather than piled up on trash bins placed all over, not to add cigarette butts and empty soft drink and beer bottles strewn about. Basically these are rules of decency such as at the pool: no infants in diapers, no splashing, no diving, no alcohol. All of the above disregarded by those who think it doesn?t apply to them since they rented as transients.

We pay for our Shipyard care of toppled trees due to hurricanes, doors, windows blown out due to the same, landscaping, salaries, security etc.

I would like to know how come that in June 2003, all the above was enforced, and now - Rollison and others claim the total opposite and are making the safe environment of my condo into a sometime dangerous place to be.

In the spring of 2004 Mr. Jacobs in #196 was attacked upon return to his condo, by 2 drunken Scottish kids, sitting on his front steps. They threw a large bottle of beer at him injuring him to the extent he had a multitude of glass pieces stuck on his face and nose and a deep wound on his right shoulder that bled down to his feet. I called Police and was there during all the long mess. The kids with a mother occupied the unit above Mr. Jacobs for 10 days.

This is but one example of what "transient" can be. In fact I see how the season?s long renters or yearly ones behave: they are polite and blend with the rest of us owners.

Thank you for your action in accordance to my plea.


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