Monday, November 14, 2005

What's Goin' On?

Stormy Monday began with rain through the night but now, at 9:30, the sun is out and the air is cool and dry. It shapes up to be another fine day in Paradise as we come under the influence of seasonal temperatures and winter high pressure fronts that are moving this way.

It's quiet this morning. There IS a cruise ship in, the Jewel at Pier B (Hilton), but there isn't much evidence of it on the streets -- yet. A few apparent tourists came in a few minutes ago (carrying their Dunkin Donuts coffee). They haven't bought anything, so they must be waiting for the Old Town Trolley or the Bone Island Shuttle. CORRECTION: One lady bought a book for $10. Then they got on the trolley.

The Superboats are in this week for the Key West World Championship race week. It's a big-money "sport" populated with big-money owners, advertisers and sponsors. The owners and crews are big spenders and big tippers, so its a popular event in the services sector of the economy. The fact that it's going on is a sure sign that things are returning to normal.

I saw the first FEMA residential trailer being moved in as I left the house this morning. The poor old guy hauling it with his pickup truck with the FEMA label stuck on its door had wandered down Truman Avenue to the light at Thomas Street. He asked, with a confused look, if I could direct him to William Street. Well, if you know Key West, you know that getting to William Street from Thomas and Truman while hauling a forty-foot trailer is a very, very difficult thing to do. As I explained the route to him, he struggled to absorb the rights and lefts that I was giving him. I know he got the right at Thomas St. because I watched him navigate that turn around the construction barricades on the corner. He probably got to the right on Southard Street OK, and the left onto Whitehead St. since both of those were dead ends to him. If he made it to the right on Fleming St., he might even have found William St. Unfortunately, he didn't have a number on William St. He may be wandering that neighborhood still trying to find his drop point. It might be the former Jabour's RV park, the sometime-to-be Watermark development.

And so it goes, here in the Real Key West.


Anonymous said...

I'll be visiting Key West over the Thanksgiving holiday ... your daily reports on the current status of things (esp. the storm recovery) are very much appreciated!

jipzeecab said...

Do they still "tag" the lady cruise ship visitors with a "fresh hibiscus flower" when they get off the ship on cruise ship mornings?..
When Key West was developing its cruise ship business this was a unique touch that separated KW from other Caribbean ports of call..and it alerted Old Town Merchants (many of whom had to be convinced to open their shops "early" on cruise ship mornings)who these special people were..

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