Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Coffee Plantation Update

The new, improved Coffee Plantation is up and running smoothly. It took a few days to work out the kinks, get internet service restored (although Celebrate, the newspaper located upstairs generously allowed use of their wireless connection until Comcast could install a connection), and take delivery on new coolers from Arizona and Coca-Cola.

The menu is expanded with some new baked goods and the addition of a baking oven -- scones, muffins, and a "Mile High Apple Pie" cake that is delicious, but too fattening for me to have often. They're trying out some soups at lunch time to see if that will go over. I usually eat breakfast before coming over here and just drink coffee during my daily writing stint, and I've been going home for lunch, but every so often I give in to the temptations that abound.

The feel is different, too. For one thing, it's much busier than the Whitehead St. location, with more tourists coming in to spend time on the wireless network or in the internet room. A new group of 'regulars' is coming to inhabit the shop, especially in the morning, though many of those who frequented the old place continue to drop in too. Theo is featuring a broader selection of music, much of it coming in as streaming music from the internet.

I'm getting used to the differences. For one thing, I have an easier time writing here because there are fewer interruptions from people I know bringing in news from the community. I miss that to a degree, but it does take away my focus from my blogging and other writing that I'm doing.

Do come for a visit if you're in town. If I'm here, I'll be in my chair next to the dining table, just outside the internet toom. Chat me up. I won't mind.

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