Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Explaining my absence

Sorry (again)! I've been in court that past couple of days, attending a trial in order to be able to provide some background to a friend Dennis, the publisher of Key West the Newspaper -- and to satisfy my own curiosity about court procedures. I sat through the selection of a jury for the trial in question, then through opening arguments by opposing attorneys for the plaintiff and defense.

It isn't a trial of any great consequence. It's a civil case, brought by a woman whose husband's cremation urn was disturbed when the City of Key West Cemetery staff opened the vault and placed a casket containing the deceased person's cousin in it without the woman's permission or knowledge. She's suing the City and the former sexton of the Cemetery for emotional injury she claims she suffered when she discovered that the crypt was opened.

Dennis is giving me a chance to learn something about the newspaper business, not because I want to work for a newspaper or anything like that. Every once in a while I get these urges to know something more about things I find interesting. I use Google a lot to satisfy the curiosity, and that works for many things. Sometimes, rarely, I feel the need to need more. That's what happened with the newspaper thing. So I went to Dennis and told him that I'd intern for him without pay if he'd teach me what I wanted to know.

So forgive my absence from here for a couple of days. I'll try to do better in the future.

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