Monday, December 12, 2005

Mondays Always Roll Around

There's a lot to catch up on after this busy weekend. I'll try to dose it out in small pieces through the day and evening today.

I'm at loose ends today, trying to find things to do to fill up my day. I went to the NEW, IMPROVED Coffee Plantation on Caroline Street this morning after breakfast at Harpoon Harry's, to see how T&D were doing. The entire business was moved yesterday in a remarkable three hours. They were open in the morning to catch some of the Fantasy Fest crowd, then closed at one o'clock. By four P.M., every single thing in the shop -- furniture, fixtures, internet computers, and the inventory of drinks, food items, gifts, clothing, even the lights and fans from the ceiling -- was at the new location. That may well rival Joe Russell's famous move of his bar from Greene Street to Duval Street at Greene. As the legend goes, his patrons merely picked up their bar stools and walked the short distance to the new Sloppy Joe's and resumed their drinking. But it's not clear that they did that all at once, or throughout the day.

We have a fairly wide circle of friends and acquaintances and it's kind of nice to see people we know in the various places we go to regularly. I had breakfast at Harpoon Harry's this morning and Kirstie, whom we've come to know along with her boyfriend Rickie, a cook at Schooner Wharf, Kirstie was working the breakfast shift, something she does only two days a week. I forgot for a minute that we first met her there some time ago.

After breakfast at Harpoon's, I set some of the computers up on their shelves just as Theo finished assembling the last piece of shelf, checked one of them out to make sure it worked, and promised to return later to lend a hand if needed. I dropped off a bunch of computer parts -- logic boards and some drives -- at Horace O'Bryant Middle School for science teacher Kurt Barbuscio. He's going to use them in a class he has planned for January. Kurt was one of the many people who helped make the move go so swiftly yesterday. I'd guess that at least 15, maybe 20 people were helping, driving things over in their trucks and cars, loading and unloading, installing light fixtures, and whatever needed to be done.

I picked up a couple of things at CVS, which has become our local convenience store, as well as our pharmacy. Now I'm at home, at 1:30 PM, listening to CSPAN, writing for the first time today

I'm going to follow up with some reflections on Fantasy Fest later today. But now, there's work to be done.

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