Saturday, December 10, 2005

Muffin Tops

Y'all remember the Seinfeld episode (search for muffins) where Mr. Lippman decided to open a bakery where only the tops of baked muffins were sold? Theo and Diane accidentally got into the same business a few days ago when Theo botched a batch of chocolate muffins. The tops lifted right off and the "stumps" crumbled. As believers in the adage, "waste not, want not" -- Theo IS Dutch, after all -- they put the tops on sale for $1.95, a dollar less than a full muffin. I of course bought one and therefore feel justified in having a little fun with Theo's mishap.

The muffins are a new item on the Coffee Plantation menu, along with some very nice fresh-baked scones, enabled by the acquisition of a baking oven for the shop.

Moving Day is tomorrow, beginning at 1 PM. They have many of their friends lined up to help transport items from the old shop to the new one. They'll spend the next two days getting things set up and should be open for business on Wednesday morning.

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