Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Eve

Friday, the beginning of the holiday weekend. We have plans. Rockin' Jake, late of New Orleans, is in for his traditional New Year's weekend appearance at the Green Parrot. He was in last night (missed him), tonight (we plan to go for a while), and tomorrow, New Year's Eve, for the all-night, 10-4, show that brings in a huge crowd that spills out to the sidewalk and onto the street. He's also doing a matinee performance on Sunday afternoon, a first as far as I know. The Parrot has been experimenting with matinees, something I heartily approve of. The normal 10 PM start time for shows at the Parrot is too late for me. The matinees give me an opportunity to hear some really good music without sacrificing my beauty rest.

We're invited to a party New Year's Eve, two parties in fact. Roger and Robert are throwing a party at their place on Elizabeth St. beginning at 10 and continuing late. Ric is hosting a 30-hour countdown to 2006, which he calls Soupy Jam 30, on board his houseboat at Garrison Bight, beginning at 8 PM Friday and ending before midnight on Saturday. Or not.

We'll go to Roger and Robert's, may leave early and catch Dick Clark in his comeback appearance as host to ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve at home. Or not. Not sure yet about Ric's party. We might go during the day to have a look at the Paradigm Ship, which we've never been aboard.

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