Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Public Works

Little more than a week ago, someone from the City came around and put No Parking signs up on the four corners of Truman Ave. and Thomas St. No Parking - 12/14 - 12/23 the signs said. Oh good, I thought, the City is coming to finish the work begin last April, they're going to finally pave the streets where they were dug up for the injection wells and later for the new sidewalks. Now all they have left to do is pave for a couple of days and the project will be done. In only eight months.

Foolish me!

It's December 21 and nothing has been done, no digging, no paving, not even a visit from the Public Works department saying that the job had been postponed and we could park in our neighborhood again. Nothing.

I ran into Alvin at the corner today. He commented on the lack of work and notice, and said something like, "the City is really messed up". I don't think he said "messed" and his meaning was clear. I agreed, and wondered, "whose fault is this anyway?" Neither of us knew.

It must have been someone.

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