Thursday, December 22, 2005

Traffic ... again.

I went out and about in the car today. Maggie (our dog) had an appointment for grooming at 8 AM at Head to Tail on Virginia St. I couldn't carry her there on my bicycle (no basket) so it had to be by car. Maggie is 13 and couldn't have walked the eight blocks from here. 13 in dog years is like 65 in people years. Maggie is arthritic and would be sore for days after such a walk. (I could have done it, but it would have taken me a while. I'd be sore afterwards too.)

All over town I kept running into roadblocks, most of them temporary, things like trash trucks, street sweepers, delivery vehicles, and a few construction blocks where the street is closed off for longer periods. On Frances street, I waited a couple of minutes while Waste Management sat in the middle of the street collecting barrels from both sides of one full block. On another street (I now forget which one, a landscapers truck stood empty with the door open for another couple of minutes. A Conch Train crept along Fleming Street toward White. I tried an end run through some of the other streets nearby but he beat me to White and I wound up behind again.

And it's not even high season yet.

Coincidentally, I came across this web site. I wonder if anyone would like to go for a bicycle ride one of these days.

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