Monday, January 09, 2006

Back in the Flow

Monday morning. The weather has improved by warming up to more normal levels. We had two days of chilly nights, the kind where we turn the oven on for a half hour to take the chill out of the apartment. Chilly, of course, is relative. It only ever got as low as about the mid-50's, but here that's a signal to break out the long pants and sweaters.

We went to the Green Parrot with Sharon on Friday night, listened to Tishamingo for a half hour or so, then wandered over to Buck's Bottle Cap where Sonny Rhodes was holding forth with his band of merry music makers. We arrived just as the band went on break. I was looking forward to hearing them, having missed their appearances when they were at the Parrot two weeks earlier, and I particularly wanted to hear Sonny play his lap steel guitar. Lap Steel and pedal steel are my two favorite stringed instruments, but one rarely hears them played. Janet and Sharon were more in the mood for dancing, so after listening to the band, sans Sonny, play a few numbers that they could dance to, they went back to the Parrot, while I stayed at the Bottle Cap. When Sonny Rhodes returned to the stage, he demonstrated (on his regular guitar) why he is such a legend of the Texas blues. His guitar playing was flawless (to my ear), and he has a voice that's perfect for singing the blues, strong, a little rought when he wants it to be. He did another half-dozen songs after the ladies left, and never once picked up the lap steel and sat down with it. I wasn't up for staying around for another set, so I went home at about 12:30. Sharon dropped Janet off an hour or so later. I was asleep in my chair in front of the computer.

And so it goes.

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