Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Catching Up

In reverse order:

It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm just getting around to writing something. Yes, it was Friday that I wrote last. We've been quite busy.

I was expecting to attend a meeting today concerning the Bahama Conch Community Land Trust, whose board of directors I joined in September last year, and assumed the presidency of in November. I was elected at a meeting I wasn't able to attend, but I accepted the post soon thereafter. My meeting was postponed until tomorrow, so I used that time to work on some other things that needed doing, like ordering memory for Leeza's computer, and completing some correspondence that has been hanging for a couple of days.

The weather now is fine, January fine, in the low 80's in the sun during the day, but cool for comfortable sleeping in the evening. Tourists are here now in increasing numbers, and the snow birds have settled in for the duration of Winter in the north. Traffic and parking are both difficult to deal with when using the car, which we still don't do very much. THe streets are congested a lot, especially during morning and evening drive times. Traffic problems in paradise, who'd have guessed.

Yesterday I stopped in at the Coffee Plantation later in the day and did some work here, but it was crowded and I went and spent the afternoon at home. I met Janet when she got out of work and we bicycled to the Seekers' Forum that we've joined at the Unitarian Universalilst Association (or is it Fellowship) at their building on Georgia Street. It's but one hour once a week, and it has been running for over ten years with a small core of devoted followers and another group of people who come and go over time, including locals, visitors and part-timers.

On Sunday we attended the service held by the UUA (or is it UUF?) because the minister promised the week before to talk about the Seekers Forum in her sermon. We were curious about what she would say. To our delight, the service was followed by a celebration of the retirement of the Association's long-time organist, and a demonstration by him of why he has been their organist for the past ten years. He played an organ I didn't know existed, a Roland Atelier console organ that he played incredibly well, and which produced sounds that I didn't think could be made with an instrument of itws size. We spent the afternoon with Ri and Sandy at their place in New Town, sitting under a canopy near the pool, sipping beer and wine as we watched some of the Pittsburgh-Denver football game, making shishkebabs, and talking. I succeeded in getting their wireless network activated through no fault of my own, and got Sandy's laptop to connect to it. I also set them both up with Skype, the Voice Over IP application that I'm using more and more to make phone calls since it's a) crystal-clear, and b) cheap. I choose not to use Skype's incoming phone service, which would allow any one to reach me via regular telephone, but they can already do that on our cell phone, so no need.

Saturday morning we went to the High School where the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine was conducting its annual health fair for the Lower Keys. We expected to spend 1-2 hours; instead we were there for nearly 4, but it was worth it as we got some screening that would have cost a great deal more than what they were charging. This student-run event has been going on in the Keys for 35 years, and some people here have been attending it for that long. It was really quite impressive -- and there were two more such fairs being conducted simultaneously at two other Keys locations.

Later on Saturday we headed to the Seafood Festival being held at Bayview Park. When we got there, the sun was hot, the lines waiting for food were long, and there was no place to sit down. We left and went to Schooner Wharf instead and enjoyed seafood while listening to Michael McCloud and his sidemen play their usual weekend gig. Bubba came over on break and joined us for a few minutes. When he left, we did too and headed home for a needed nap.

And lastly, getting myself back to Friday and my post about the Green Parrot blog, I got an e-mail from John pointing me to a photo from Friday night's show. See it here. First picture.

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